Chronic or recurrent pain in the upper abdomen is termed dyspepsia. It might be referred as indigestion, gassiness, early satiety, or fullness after eating, gnawing or burning. It affects at least 20 percent of the population, and around 25 percent of the affected population might have an underlying organic cause and the remaining 75 percent might have functional dyspepsia (idiopathic or nonulcer) with no underlying cause.  Majority of patients with dyspepsia have GERD. The organic causes of dyspepsia are peptic ulcer disease, GERD, NSAID (over the counter pain meds like Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleeve)  or drug induced dyspepsia, and gastric malignancy.

Upper endoscopy is recommended for patients above age of 60 with dyspepsia. Biopsies must be obtained to rule out H pylori, which is a bacteria that can cause gastritis.  Endoscopy  must also be considered among the younger patients suffering from dyspepsia from Asian, Hispanic, and Afro- Caribbean population or from population with higher incidence of gastric cancer among younger individuals.

You might need an endoscopy  if:

  • You noticed an unintentional weight loss of >5 percent of body weight in 6-12 months
  • Any bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract
  • Worsening of difficulty with swallowing or pain with swallowing
  • Unexplained iron deficiency anemia
  • Persistent vomiting
  • Palpable mass or lymphadenopathy
  • A positive family history of Upper GI cancer


  • Patients diagnosed with H Pylori must be treated with antibiotics.
  • Antisecretory therapy with medications called Protein Pump Inhibitors  (PPI) can relieve dyspepsia symptoms.
  • Low dose Tricyclic antidepressants can also be used to treat functional dyspepsia along with PPI.

Your physician might also consider further evaluation with an abdominal Ultrasound or CT scan based on the ongoing symptom.

But at Gastroenterology Institute of Orlando, your gastrointestinal health can find the full effects of consistent, long-term care under the trusted techniques of the helpful physicians on site. They understand the causes and cures of Dyspepsia.

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