Upper Endoscopy (EGD)


Upper Endoscopy (EGD)

An upper endoscopy is a procedure that  allows your physician to examine the lining of your  upper gastrointestinal tract. The upper gastrointestinal tract consists of esophagus  or  food pipe, the stomach and the duodenum which is the first part of the small intestine.

Why  do you need an Upper Endoscopy or EGD?

  • Your physician might recommend an  EGD if you have;
  • Unexplained upper abdominal pain.
  • If you have ‘Acid Reflux’  or GERD.
  • Nausea and Vomiting for long period of time.
  • Black bowel movements or blood in your vomit.
  • Difficulty with swallowing or feeling of food stuck in your throat.
  • To remove any foreign body that you might have swallowed.
  • Any previous history of stomach ulcers or any abnormal growth that needed to be monitored.


  • You must not eat or drink anything after Midnight the night before the procedure.
  • No hard candy, breathe mint, lozenges or chewing gum.


Please discuss with your physician if you are taking any blood thinning medications like Coumadin, Lovenox, Eliquis, or you are having a bleeding disorder. Also please talk to your doctor and notify our office if you have sleep apnea.

Aspirin and NSAIDS(Aleeve, Motrin, Naproxen, and Ibuprofen) must be stopped 5-7 days prior to the procedure.


Due to the possible lingering effects from  the sedation, you cannot drive for the remainder of the day following your procedure and therefore you must have a ride home.  For your safety, you will not be discharged unless a responsible adult is present to either drive you home or accompany you in a taxi or public transportation.

Please call us at GIO if you have any of the above symptoms and need to be evaluated by a gastroenterologist.

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